Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ordinary Time = Growing Time

Ordinary Time. That is the liturgical season the church is currently in. I still kind of consider myself a Catholic newbie, even though this coming Easter will be 3 wonderful years since becoming Catholic! Yet, I still find there's SO much to learn. Always. I think this is probably true for everyone. Growth should be a synonym of the Christian Life. I used to think that Ordinary Time wasn't as special as the other liturgical seasons (Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas) but recently I heard that Ordinary Time is "Growing Season", hence the green vestments. Ahh, so I've learned it, too, is special!

Growing is so important. As the Earth and the Church have their seasons, our lives go through seasons as well. Yet we are to remain steadfast and consistent in our spiritual lives regardless of the season. While Lent is a solemn season, Easter is an incredibly joyful season! Similarly, during the months of winter, the days are colder and greyer. Life doesn't seem as abundant, and plants and trees seem to have died. We know though that they aren't truly dead. Even during winters harsh months, something is happening on the inside, life is preserved and bursts forth, out of hiding, in the months of Spring. Likewise, even during the winters of our souls, may it not lead to death, but may it burst forth with life in its due time. May the harsh winters, the tribulations and trials of life, yield the beauty of Spring, and abundant JOY.

This internal growth happens simply by being consistent and steadfast in our spiritual lives regardless of how we feel. Basically, we should still be practicing and living our faith. Pray daily, read the Bible and other spiritual writings, attend Mass and receive Holy Communion as often as possible, go to confession, etc. Even if our lives feel cold and grey and we feel dead inside, these things keep us truly alive. Stay connected to the vine--our Lord, His Church, His Word (John 15:1-17). Persevere in the faith. Be steadfast. In time, our Good, Merciful Lord will reap in us a bountiful harvest glorifying Him. Thanks be to God!

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