Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Quiet Morning with Play Dough

It brings me unspeakable joy to see my children beginning to play together. Amaryn is 15 months old and getting to the age of being able to play and pretend with her big sis. To see them having fun is gift enough, but it is also a gift to see them putting into practice sharing, cooperation, communication, kindness, self-control and love. Even when their play ends in tears, frustration, selfishness, and the like, which it often does, it provides an opportunity for apologizing and forgiveness. I think family life in general provides ample opportunities for practicing the Christian life!

This morning their play involved play dough and the quietness of the morning. Both kids are rested and so their interactions are friendly and patient. No one else is awake (my parents are visiting from California, and Jason is on vacation from work), and so I was able to take a few moments to sit on the couch and simply watch them. I really do enjoy and appreciate the rustle and bustle of a house with children, but my appreciation for quiet has grown tremendously as well!

Watching them play together from under my heating blanket on the couch. :)

Teá and her play dough creation.